Ralph is a multidisciplinary performance artist who is specialised in ball manipulation and partner acrobatics. His roots are in Austria, his living as an nomad brought him to the Hogeschool Codarts in Rotterdam where graduated with a bachelor in Circus Arts in 2016. Since his graduation his focuses on the format of the full length show rather than on acts. With the project ''The Madman'' he created a solo show which is unique in the field. Ralph is always looking for interdisciplinary collaborations such as in ''The sound of circles'' with Marko Hristoskov – Double Bass or in ''PopPOPpoP'' with Stefan Bauer – Diabolo. Recently he his also working together with Maja Karolina Franke on a research project called Out-Side-In and they created also a street show together called Meeting Point. Besides that Ralph is a partner acrobatic base as well, works as choreograph and gives Workshop in different disciplines of the circus and movement awareness. His work is especially known for his transcendental approach, a strong character and unique technique.

He recently finished a master degree in interdesiciplinary choreography at both universities Codarts Rotterdam and Fontys Tilburg. 

Circus Performances:

2012 REalice EKH(A), Walhalla Theatre(NL), Kunsthall Rotterdam(NL), Poortgebouw openstage(NL), Pöchlarner Juggling Convention(A),

2013 Congress for education Den Haag(NL), Full Moon Babylon(NL), Poortgebouw openstage(NL), Juggling on Ice(A), The Big Day (NL),

2014 Company Domestica - Lof&Lust(NL), Poortgebouw openstage(NL), Flow Festival(A), Feldkirchner Straßen Spektakel(A), Pinzgauer Juggling Convention(A), Oude 35 Jaar!(NL), Opening Rotterdam Central Station(NL),

2015 Theater op de Markt with Crirque du reve (Be), Kunsthall Rotterdam(NL), Traiskirchen Erstaufnahme Center (A), Diedom Utrecht (NL), Danish Juggling Convention (DK), 24 uur Cultuur (NL), The Big Day (NL), Culture Club Euratsfeld(A), Rotterdam Circusstadt Festival(NL), Ridderzaal Den Haag(NL),

2016 Willem de Koonigen Academy (NL), Maastheater (NL), Vertigo (NL), FullMoon               Babylon (NL), Performance Bar Rotterdam (NL), ITS Festival (NL), Oude Luxer Theater (NL),Burgkino Wien(AT), MINT Rotterdam (NL), DansAtelier Rotterdam (NL),                    Circunstruction Rotterdam (NL), NICE meeting Gschwend(DE), Festival Circolo (NL),          Winterfest Salzburg (AT), Stationsplein Rotterdam (NL),

2017 Stadtteather Bruck an der Leitha (AT), Circusstad Festival Rotterdam (NL), LAMES St.Pölten (AT), Steppenwolf St. Pölten(AT), NICE Linz(AT), Schikanender (AT),   Pygmalion Theater (AT), Butterfield & Robinson (NL), Streetlive Festival Vienna (AT), Salon Sardine (AT), Freies Theater Innsbruck (AT), Winterfest Salzburg (AT) 5th.Performance Art Festival im Urhof20 (AT),

2018 Die Originale at the Berliner Festpiele (D), Pflasterspektakel Linz (AT), Feldkirchner Straßenspekatel (AT), The Magic Flute at Salzburger Festspiele (AT), Grazer Akrobatik Convention (AT), Katapult Berlin (D), Kumst Strasshof (AT), Vollmondvaritie Dornbirn (AT), FullMoon Babylon Rotterdam (NL), Public Space Rotterdam (NL),STRTFSTVL Utrecht (NL), Butterfield & Robinson (NL), Open Performance Academy Rotterdam (NL)



Education and Work

1995-2004 Attendance on the ‚Mostviertler Montessorischule‘

2004-2005 Attendance on the HLUW Ysper (for environment and economic)

2005-2008 Apprenticeship as landscape-gardener finished with a good success

01.03.2009-30.06.2009 Working as a foreman at the swimming pool constuction company  BIOTOP G.s.m.b.H

01.07.2009-30.06.2010 Service Abroad in Madagaskar at project d’analalava

01.10.2010-30.11.2011 Employment as landscape-gardener


Circus education

2000 First contact with circus artists at my school and discover playing theatre.

2001-2004 Regular visits at a one week circus workshop in summer

2004-2011 Co-worker at the one week children circus workshop Momoki

2007-now Attendance at different national and international circus convention for example:

Athen(Gr), Karlsruhe(D), München(D), Imbersago(It), Pinzgau(A), Krems(AT), Innsbruck(AT), Berlin(D), Nürenberg(D), Lublin (P), Vienna(AT), Krimpen aan den IJssel (NL), Bruneck (IT), Graz (AT), Aarhus (DK),

2008 Performences with fire and UV-light (balls,clubs and cigarboxes)

2010 Attendance at a one week organic juggling workshop with Stefan Sing in Berlin

2011 Attendance at another two days organic juggling workshop with Stefan Sing in Vienna

2010-2012 Education with Diploma at the Vienna Circus Academy  KAOS

2012 Start studying Bachelor at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam

2014 Attendance at Balance in Challange Workshop with Peter Sweet and Jeanine Ebnöther

2015 Teaching at Kuddelmuddel and Momoki Children and Youth Circus

2015 Workshop with Neander Houben and Carlos Garcia Estevez in Physical Theatre

2016 Graduating at Codarts Circus Arts

2016 Teaching and choreographing at KAOS  ''SommerZirkusWoche'' and at the                    Artistenschule ''CircActive''.

2016 Artistic residency with the Madman Show in cooperation with Circunstruction in Rotterdam and France.

2016 Co-creation of a ‘’replace clothes with paint’’ season with the visual artist Neil


2017 Participating in a 3 Days Seminar on a feedback method from DasArts Amsterdam in Vienna.

2017 Working on the Madman Show with founding from the Federal chancellery of                Austria and by Come on! - Cultural Department of Lower Austria.

2017 Creating and performing 21 times PopPOPpoP a co-production with the Circusstad Festival Rotterdam.      

2017 Co-creation of the installation ‘’Moving Landscapes’’ with the performance artist Ronald Bal and Cloud/Danslab in den Haag.

2017 Partner acrobatic workshop with Tom and Ayla in Amsterdam

2017 Participating a workshop at Impulstanz Vienna with Sri Louise on Yoga&Antifa

2018  Joining Joli Vyann dance company in the UK for a full week intensive dance-partner-acrobatic training  
2018 Dance workshop with Matan Levkowich - Animal Instinct at the TQW in Vienna
2018 Dance classes with Dante Murillo - Contemporary training at the TQW in Vienna
2018 Joining classes from Krõõt Juurak – Autodomestication at TQW in Vienna
2018 Full week dance workshop with Nir de Volff - Use-Abuse at the TQW in Vienna
2018 Workshop with Van-Kim Tran - Contact juggling: Unity of Movement at Katapult in Berlin

2018 Workshop with Moody Amir Modaí and Roxy Kühn: Effortless Flight at Katapult in Berlin

2018 Dance classes with Eldad Ben Sasson – memories in.formation at TQW in Vienna

2018 10 Days Vipassana course thought by S.N. Goenka in Raabs an der Thaya