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is ego portrait’s (a collaboration between Maja Karolina Franke and Ralph Öllinger) current

research project. The performance we are working on is not a show in a conventional way,

we understand it as a performance process.

All participants -the performers and the audience- can give information from their inside out,

as well as take the outside information in. The aim is to create an honest dialogue.
Therefore the term and meaning of responsibility is an
important part of the research.
We are looking for an honest physicality, individually and
in connection with each other.

Giving and receiving weight of the other, taking and overtaking responsibility, sharing it or

leaving it to someone else and having trust are big parts ofour research, as well as in our daily lives.


Concept and Performance:
ego portrait - a circus-dance perspective
Maja Karolina Franke and Ralph Öllinger
Outside Eye: Peter Sweet
Video: ego portrait and Lisa Horvath
Music: Christof Ressi

Project supported by:
Come On! Kulturvernetzung Niederösterreich
Red Sapata Tanzfabrik

Meeting Point

Meeting Point is an act/street show ego portrait is currently working on, combining dancing, object manipulation and partner acrobatics.

Coming from somewhere, they meet without knowing each other’s past. Life is too short to think about all the possibilities and their consequences. Going forward, meet, explore, learn and enjoy – this is how Maja and Ralph meet in the centre of the stage. Their different backgrounds are the first markings on the way through their relationship. By exploring the other in relation to oneself they are learning more about how they can connect. This connection finds its manifestation in the urge to merge their disciplines into a frameless form of movement. Out of this experience they gain the courage to commit their bodies fully towards a common purpose. The joy that arises by doing that is what ego portrait wants to share with the public.


Lenght: 15min.





The Madman

This performance is inspired by the poem The Madman from Kahlil Gibran, and the theme

is the search for yourself. We all wear masks that protect us from the people around us,

but also against our naked self.

We pay for the maintenance of these masks a high price, namely the freedom to explore

ourselves. The central theme of the show is taking off masks.

Lenght: 30min or 60min.


The Sound of Circles

Ralph (Austria - Juggling) and Marko (Bulgaria - Music) wanted to work together since to

their first year of study in Rotterdam at Codarts. They both have a big passion for nature

which connects them in the urban jungle of the Netherlands. While their 3th year in

Codarts, they experimented with music from Emil Tabakov and finally decided to work

together for their graduation act.


This act can remember people where they can find a safe place: In themselves and in

between each other. It is important to understand that a real dialog, with honest listening

and respectful talking can only take place when we are not overwhelmed by our fears.

Lenght: 7min.


Cirque PopPOPpop

The tension between Ralph and Stefan is a never stopping vibrating play that

leads only to an end when

they finally meet, like two parallel lines do in the



We are looking for the diversity of nothingness on stage while we are at the same

time exploring how much and how direct as possible we can approach the stage.

Lenght: 25min.



Is a bizarre modern circus performance in which Ralph Öllinger performs in a black and white

world an androgynous character as it has seldom seen before. The abstract form of three big

balls and one even bigger ball handled in a way so that the audience doesn’t know what exactly

is going on with them, plus a character that is always confronting the present people with their

own inner and outer conflicts by showing them his own perversion makes this act ideal for your


Lenght: 8min or 15min.

The Teacher

A teacher who studied the physics of the balls too much and became insane, that is

‘’the Teacher’’. This performance is convincing through precise timing, a taking character

and crazy mathematical poetry like it hasn’t been seen in the circus before.

Lenght: 8min.